Deploying Sophos Security Solutions After Clever Phishing Attack Exploits Client

One of Synchroworks’ professional services clients fell victim to a sophisticated social engineering phishing attack. The client received an authentic-looking email from Microsoft, requesting a password reset. Trusting the email’s legitimacy, the client followed the reset instructions which ultimately led to a compromised account.

Scaling for Success: Busy Bee Tools Gains Scalable & Unified Solutions Through Network & Infrastructure Revitalization

Busy Bee Tools (Busy Bee) is a national seller and distributor of tools and manufacturing machines in Canada. In recent years, Busy Bee has seen substantial growth and, as a result, decided to seek out a strategic partner to ensure that their infrastructure can support further growth.

Synchroworks Works with Canada-Ukraine Surgical Aid Program (CUSAP) to provide IT Support For Their On-going Missions in Poland.

Synchroworks has been asked to deploy secure infrastructure, which comprises of stable internet connectivity, physical and wireless networks, servers, hardware, cyber security, and several healthcare tuned mobile devices to support the surgical team.

Canadian Financial Institution

Efficient IT Vendor Management Leads to Over $300,000.00 of Recovery and Savings in First 6 Months

A member-owned financial co-operative that offers a wide range of financial products and services to their members approached Synchroworks to assist them with their IT infrastructure, vendor management, cybersecurity, and cloud migration strategies.

Osteria Gente

Italian Restaurant Harnesses Social Media to Boost Web Traffic and Increase Sales

Osteria Gente is a popular Italian restaurant located in Woodbridge, ON. Established in 2018, the family-owned and run restaurant has quickly garnered a reputation for its delicious food and community of dedicated customers. It is evident that the restaurant’s success and popularity come not only from the dishes it serves, but from the welcoming and authentic environment it creates for everyone who enters its doors.

Ontario Winery Experiences 4X Boost in Gross Sales in First Quarter of New E-commerce and POS Implementation

When Rosewood Estates Winery first approached Synchroworks, their main objective was to align their digital and on-site sales strategy with the company’s goals and rate of growth. The company operates as an award-winning boutique winery that offers a wide range of products and services to consumers.

Client Receives Complete Office Relocation and Configuration with ZERO Downtime

Cholkan and Stepczuk LLP are chartered professional accountants operating in the GTA. In 2021, the client required assistance in their office relocation to ensure network security and avoid disruption. This request entailed complete infrastructure installation at the new office as well as a complete hardware move from one office to the other.

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