Is your IT infrastructure aligned with your business goals ?

Synchroworks is committed to assisting you in implementing optimal infrastructure improvements and addressing skills gaps to achieve your key strategic objectives. We aim to accelerate transformation, simplify operations and meet growing business demands.

Why Choose Synchroworks for
IT Audit & Assessment Services?

Strategic Insights

Gain comprehensive insights into your IT infrastructure with a detailed report, unraveling the intricacies that impact your business.

Holistic Evaluation

Tackle all facets of your IT environment, optimizing operations and ensuring every component aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Streamlined Technology Stack

Simplify your technology stack by eliminating outdated or redundant hardware and software, replacing them with more efficient, cost-effective, and manageable systems.

Expert Guidance

Receive expert recommendations to address IT deficiencies and enhance efficiency, leveraging industry best practices for optimal performance.

Gap Identification

Identify operational gaps in your IT setup, paving the way for resolutions either through Synchroworks’ expertise or in collaboration with your in-house team.

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Our IT Audit & Assessment Services

Infrastructure Assessment

Evaluate the condition, performance, and efficiency of your existing hardware and software infrastructure to identify redundant or outdated applications and technology and recommend streamlined, cost-effective alternatives.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

Is your business ready to face a disaster? Our disaster recovery assessment uncovers potential vulnerabilities or non-compliance issues within your systems as well as specialized guidance on how to address these concerns.

Network Configuration Analysis

Assess the configuration of your network to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability.

Cybersecurity Evaluation

Conduct a comprehensive security assessment to identify vulnerabilities and formulate strategies for enhanced cybersecurity.

Operational Efficiency Review

Evaluate the overall efficiency of your IT operations, identifying areas for improvement and increased productivity.

Synchroworks Consulting

Microsoft 365 Licensing Efficiency Audit

Identify potential savings and optimize costs by reviewing your current licensing, analyzing usage, and recommending the appropriate actions.

Incident Response Assessment

Evaluate your business’s ability to address IT threats by identifying a chain of custody for response responsibilities, testing the effectiveness of your response plan and clarifying the process for reporting incidents.

Compliance Risk Assessment

Ensure that your IT practices align with industry regulations and standards, mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

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Cloud Migration

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