Over the years, we have worked hard to bring value to our community and contribute to causes, events and organizations that are close to our hearts.

Individuals Making a Difference in the Community

In addition to our corporate community involvement and sponsorship initiatives, we also take pride in contributing to the community as individuals. Our people have accomplished notable community work that we are immensely proud of. From children’s sporting events and charity runs to tree planting and soup kitchens, the team at Synchroworks is always striving to make a difference in our community. We’ve highlighted our most notable employee volunteer community work below:

Adam Pecio

Juggling three main roles within the Ukrainian National Federation’s establishment, Adam’s main goal is to steer the board towards growth and reach as many Ukrainian Canadians as possible. He has spent 10+ years working with board and community members to connect Ukrainian Canadians and promote Ukrainian culture through community programs and events. One of his main focusses includes creating partnerships with educational and recreational organizations or start-up companies to provide funding, sponsorships, or technology deployments such as school computers.

Ukrainian National Federation, Toronto Branch

Ukrainian National Federation, Education and Recreational Society

Ukrainian National Federation, National

The reason I started this was for kids to have a community to rely on. It’s really amazing what this organization is capable of when it comes to supporting the Ukrainian community and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Kimberly Pankratz

In her 4 years volunteering with the Santa Claus Parade, Kimberly has worked year-round to plan, coordinate and implement the annual parade that attracts thousands of viewers. As part o the Operations Committee, she works behind the scenes to ensure the parade runs smoothly, receives the necessary funding, has proper media coverage, and meets all safety standards, and attracts viewers – even in the midst of the pandemic.

Santa Claus Parade, Brampton

You don’t realize the work that goes into planning a parade until you’re a part of it. It’s a whole production, it’s something special, it’s part of my community. It really is rewarding work…when you stand there and see the parade happening and you see the kids and the people coming together, it’s very neat.

Future Corporate Missions

Technology Deployments

As a technology company, we believe everybody has the right to access the technology they need to grow and learn. That’s why we will be partnering with schools and underprivileged communities to offer a variety of technology and accessories such as computers, headphones, and printers. If you’re in need of technology deployments, you can apply below.


Synchroworks is always looking for community events and projects to sponsor. We believe in contributing to our community and supporting causes, events and organizations that are dedicated to making a difference. If you’re interested in applying for an in-kind sponsorship, apply below.

Tech Grants

Whether you’re in the academic space, a not-for-profit organization, or a small local business, we want to help you. If you’re interested in applying for a tech grant, you can apply below.

Incubator Programs

Everybody needs a little advice sometimes. Especially when you’re starting your own business. That’s why we would like to offer advisory services for those who would like to or have already started their own tech or IT company. If you’re interested in joining our Incubator Program, you can apply below.