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What is a cybersecurity
risk assessment?

A cyber risk assessment is developed for an organization to understand, manage, control, and mitigate their cyber risks. This is a critical component of any organization’s risk management strategy and proactive data protection efforts.

Cybersecurity risk assessments require an evolving system as cybersecurity threats continue to mature. A business’ cybersecurity should evolve over time, resulting in changes to IT processes, procedures, and cyber security measures.

Common Cyber Risks for Businesses

Phishing Attacks

Deceptive attempts to obtain sensitive information by posing as a trustworthy entity.


Software designed to harm or exploit systems, often spread through infected emails or websites.


Malicious software that encrypts files, demanding payment for their release.

Data Breaches

Unauthorized access to sensitive data, compromising confidentiality and integrity.

Compromised Passwords

Weak or stolen passwords providing unauthorized access to systems.

Our Security Risk Assessment Services

Vulnerability Analysis

Identifying weaknesses and potential entry points for cyber threats.

Phishing & Malware Detection

Mitigating risks associated with phishing attacks and malware.

Ransomware Prevention

Implementing measures to protect against ransomware threats.

Password Security Evaluation

Strengthening defenses against compromised passwords.

Data Breach Analysis

Assessing vulnerabilities and potential impact on sensitive information.

Why perform a security assessment?

Reduced Damage

A data breach could mean severe damage to your business finances and reputation that can be hard to recover from. Don’t take that risk.

Avoid Data Breaches

By avoiding data breaches, you can save your organization from large financial damage and loss of reputation.

Ensure Compliance

If your business does not comply with industry regulations such as Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), it can become subject to hefty penalties.

Avoid Downtime

Your IT systems need to be available and functioning for staff to do their jobs – avoid costly interruptions to business operations.

Avoid Data Loss

Data protection should be one of the primary concerns of any business. Reduce your risk of sensitive data leaking outside your organization and being lost.

Why choose Synchroworks for security risk assessment services?


Proactive Threat Mitigation

We identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.


Enhanced Security Measures

We strengthen your organization’s defenses against common cyber threats.


Compliance Assurance

We ensure adherence to industry regulations, avoiding potential legal consequences.


Business Continuity

We minimize the risk of disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.


Reputation Protection

We safeguard your brand and customer trust by preventing data breaches.


Valuable Insight

We provide context and insight about each vulnerability.

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AI Deployment

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Maximize visibility and minimize threats to your business with our security risk assessment services.