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Data Governance vs Data Management: What’s The Difference?

In the simplest terms, data governance establishes policies and procedures around data, while data management enacts those policies and procedures to compile and use that data for decision-making.

Data governance and data management solutions work together to set and implement policies on data access and security within an organization.

Data Management Challenges Faced by Businesses

Navigating the complexities of modern data management poses numerous challenges for businesses. From regulatory compliance hurdles to safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring effective employee training, the landscape is evolving rapidly.

Top Challenges of Data Management Include:
  • Data overload
  • Heightened risk landscape
  • Changing privacy regulations
  • Unstructured data
  • Legacy systems
  • Vendor risk management
  • Organization-level challenges
At Synchroworks, our mission is to empower your business to overcome these challenges and thrive in a secure digital environment. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and proactive approach to data management, cybersecurity, and compliance. Organizations must continually prioritize the development of robust data governance frameworks.
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Our Data Governance and Management Services

Strategy & Governance

Define an overarching governance structure and the roles and responsibilities to coordinate, operate and maintain the program on an ongoing basis.

Data Classification

Identify and classify structured and unstructured data, implement classification systems to ensure sensitive information is properly handled.

Data Management

Develop and execute tailored data management strategies to ensure data integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

Policy Management

Document policies, notices, procedures, and guidelines to ensure consistency with applicable laws and regulations.

Incident Management

Align incident response processes with regulatory specifications and reporting requirements. Establish a process for evaluating potential privacy risks.

Data Migration

Facilitate the efficient and secure movement of data while aligning with data management objectives such as data integrity, availability, confidentiality, quality, and governance.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of evolving data protection regulations by regularly auditing and updating policies to meet the latest standards.

Employee Training

Equip your staff with the knowledge to identify and handle classified data through targeted training sessions.

Why choose Synchroworks?


Industry Expertise

  • Years of experience serving financial institutions and credit unions
  • In-depth knowledge of sector-specific challenges and compliance requirements.

Tailored Solutions

  • Customized strategies designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your organization.

Proactive Approach

  • Stay ahead of the curve with proactive data management strategies.
  • Continuous monitoring and updates to adapt to the evolving threat landscape.

Client-Centric Focus

  • Dedication to building long-term partnerships.
  • Responsive support and ongoing collaboration to ensure your success.
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