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Food Services
Project Scope
  • Web Design Cloud Hosting Social
  • Media Management Point-of-Sale
  • POS System

Osteria Gente is a popular Italian restaurant located in Woodbridge, ON. Established in 2018, the family-owned and run restaurant has quickly garnered a reputation for its delicious food and community of dedicated customers. It is evident that the restaurant’s success and popularity come not only from the dishes it serves, but from the welcoming and authentic environment it creates for everyone who enters its doors. In November 2020, Osteria approached Synchroworks Consulting to help re-imagine their website, upgrade their POS system, and kick-start their social media presence in order to provide the same experience and value to their online customers (both existing and potential).

Opportunities and Goals

From follower counts to post engagement percentages, the world of social media metrics can be confusing to wade into. However, social media has become one of the most crucial tools a business – especially a small one – can utilize to increase audience reach and visibility. Since the average person spends approximately 2 hours on social media every day, these channels have become the best places to grab consumers’ attention, drive traffic to websites and propel conversions. Our main digital goals include:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to website
  • Integrate all in-house and online orders into one streamlined POS system.


Approach and Solutions

Our team embarked on this project with a 3-step approach:

Step 1:
Build a Website

In order to create a stunning website and better represent the restaurant’s menu, we collaborated with a professional food photographer. Our team managed the relationship with the photographer and was involved in every part of the process, from planning the style of the photos to editing the final products. We then built a website to showcase these images and boost online orders. We also went on-site to upgrade the restaurant’s existing POS system into a more versatile platform that integrates in-house and online food orders in one place.

In order to make the website as effective and efficient as possible, we considered numerous factors that affect user experience. In addition to transferring the site over to our own Cloud Hosting Platform for optimized security and efficiency, we ensured the website provided all the information a customer would be searching for without cluttering the page with unnecessary information. Our main focuses for optimizing the user experience included: 

  • Creating an online menu
  • Integrating online ordering platforms such as SkiptheDishes and UberEats
  • Optimizing page load speed
  • Including contact information and hours of operation
  • Setting up a Google My Business account for reviews and contact information
  • Setting up and managing a Google My Business account for reviews and contact information

Step 2:
Create and Implement a Social Media Management Plan

Our next priority was to enhance the look and feel of Osteria’s existing social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) as well as adopting a new platform (TikTok). This on-going plan includes monthly on-site photography, building content calendars up to 3 months in advance, monitoring market trends, posting both stories and posts, and engaging with all questions and comments. Social media platforms provide an opportunity to join in on trending topics, celebrate holidays, run contests and giveaways, share menu items and go behind the scenes to showcase the culture and the people behind the food.

Step 3:
Analyze. Analyze. Analyze.

Social media and website metrics are important because they showcase the strengths and weaknesses of various campaigns and strategies. We aligned our metrics with the original goals brought forward by Osteria.

Outcome: Web

Within the first 3 months of launching Osteria’s new site and social media strategy, the restaurant has seen a 10% increase in month-over-month web traffic and 27% increase in online orders.


Visitor Growth


Time to Interactive


Speed Index


Cumulative Layout Shift


First Content Paint


Largest Content Paint
Outcome: Instagram

In our first 6 months of managing Osteria’s Instagram account, the company has seen steady monthly increases in followers, engagement and post reach.
Key 6-month metrics include:




Average Monthly Engagements


Average Monthly Post Reach

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