Facts at a Glance

Canada and Poland
Project Scope
  • On-Site Support
  • Custom Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Application
Project Scope
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Cybersecurity
  • Website Design
  • IT Infrastructure

Synchroworks Consulting was selected by the Canada-Ukraine Surgical Aid Program (CUSAP) to provide infrastructure and application support for their on-going missions in Poland. Synchroworks has been asked to deploy secure infrastructure, which comprises of stable internet connectivity, physical and wireless networks, servers, hardware, cyber security, and several healthcare tuned mobile devices to support the surgical team. Additionally, Synchroworks was tasked with building a custom web portal application to serve as the mission’s main electronic medical records (EMR) management system.

To date, Synchroworks has accompanied CUSAP on two missions to Poland, where our dedicated team provided on-site IT support to ensure the medical team was able to perform their duties efficiently. Synchroworks plans to join CUSAP on its future missions to Poland over the next 2 years.


Organized through a partnership between the Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) Health Advisory Team and Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, CUSAP was created to provide on-going medical aid and surgical reconstructions to Ukrainian casualties of war. The CUSAP medical team consists of intensivists, orthopedics, head and neck, general, vascular, oculoplastic and burn surgeons, as well as plastic, hand, craniofacial, neurosurgeons and pediatrics.

The CUSAP team has developed an effective model for mobilizing a comprehensive team to deliver sophisticated surgical care to war casualties.

Approach and Solutions

After a review of Busy Bee’s current infrastructure and an assessment of the client’s priorities and weak points, Synchroworks developed and executed a comprehensive plan that aligns with the requirements provided by the client. While this plan involved numerous solutions, our focus here will be on the four dominant solutions that were initiated across 9 locations throughout Canada.

Custom Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Application

Synchroworks was tasked with building a custom records management system based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform with a capability for translations between English and Ukrainian. Synchroworks has configured the platform into a secure patient database that allows for simultaneous global data access by multiple doctors and nurses. The CUSAP EMR was designed to manage patient information and allow for virtual and in person consultations while maintaining the strictest levels of security. Developed with input from physicians, the application allows patients and their physicians to access a comprehensive medical portfolio, complete and view intake forms, questionnaires, and intra-operative and post-operative photos.

This application has streamlined the patient intake and records management system through the entire surgical journey of the patient. It allows for medical teams to receive and input real-time patient updates and access a secure data-sharing resource. The application has also reduced physical copies of patient information and minimized time-consuming procedure around paperwork and filing. In addition to providing an efficient and comprehensive records management system, this application allows for accurate analytics, reports, and logs on both patient information and mission staff.

Web Development

Our team designed a CUSAP WordPress website that delivers a simple user interface and positive user experience. The CUSAP website was designed to serve as a hub for medical staff and patients to access and one comprehensive medical records system and for donors to learn about and provide support for the on-going medical missions.The website was designed with 3 main goals:

  • Create a web presence to boost awareness of CUSAP missions
  • Provide a gateway to the ERM portal
  • Provide a channel for donations
  • Workstation setup with moving desks, dual monitors, keyboards, mice, docking stations and laptops


IT Infrastructure and Hardware

Synchroworks has been tasked with providing all infrastructure and hardware required by the mission, from start to finish. Planning and set-up began months before the missions hit the ground in Poland. Once on site, our team managed the installation, connection, set-up and testing of all hardware and equipment. Any equipment required for the mission has been designed and configured to adapt to the rapid pace of the surgical environment and remain secure from potential cyber attacks.

On-Site Mission Support

Synchroworks is dedicated to assisting CUSAP in every phase of its missions. This means providing dedicated staff to accompany the CUSAP team on every mission to Poland. Our on-site staff are equipped to provide on-going and in-person support for any technical issues or requests that may arise.

The CUSAP mission is expected to run every two months with the support of Canadian doctors and nurses. Synchroworks plans to work with CUSAP for the duration of their missions in Poland, providing on-site technical and application support, as needed.

With the ongoing war in Ukraine and the support of its Polish neighbours, this mission is critical to the lives of countless military personnel and civilians. Our team is proud to be a part of this mission and has worked diligently to complete the customization of the ERM application, coordinate the supply of all required equipment, and provide the secure infrastructure needed to support the mission. The team at Synchroworks is honoured to be apart of the Canada-Ukraine Surgical Aid Program, which has successfully provided medical support to Ukrainians who have become casualties of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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