Reach new heights with Synchroworks’ cloud audits and assessments.

Why does your business need a cloud audit?

Regulatory Compliance

Synchroworks’ Cloud Audits & Assessments help organizations navigate the complex landscape of regulations and industry standards. By identifying compliance risks and providing targeted recommendations, we ensure that your cloud environment adheres to all necessary requirements.

Data Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability

Our service dives deep into your cloud environment, uncovering potential threats that may compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. Through this evaluation, we assist in developing robust controls to mitigate risks and fortify your data’s security.

Data Loss

Identifying potential sources of data loss is a critical aspect of our service. By prioritizing and addressing these areas, we empower organizations to proactively manage and mitigate the risk of data loss, safeguarding sensitive information effectively.


Synchroworks’ Cloud Assessment ensures that your security controls are not just in place but are effective in detecting and preventing unauthorized access to your data. We go beyond the surface to validate the efficiency of your security measures.

Evaluating the security health of your cloud environment and hosted data is not just a necessity; it’s a strategic imperative.

What is a cloud audit?

A cloud audit is a thorough check-up of a cloud computing environment to ensure it meets regulatory standards, internal policies, and best practices. It involves reviewing and assessing the cloud infrastructure, services, and operations to identify potential risks, security vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement.

By partnering with an MSP, businesses can leverage external expertise and resources to ensure their cloud environment is secure, compliant, and optimized for performance. This collaboration can lead to more efficient and effective cloud audits, ultimately supporting overall business goals and objectives.





cloud audits

Our Cloud Assessment Process

Our meticulous process ensures the integrity and resilience of your cloud infrastructure.



Planning &
Scope Definition

In this initial phase, Synchroworks collaborates with your organization to define the audit’s objectives, scope, and approach. Understanding your unique requirements allows us to tailor our assessment to address specific concerns, ensuring a focused and effective evaluation.




Our team gathers comprehensive information about your cloud environment. Whether collected manually or through advanced automated tools, this step ensures a holistic understanding of your cloud infrastructure.



Analysis &

We conduct a meticulous analysis of the collected data, delving deep into your cloud environment. Our team then prepares a detailed report that highlights identified risks and vulnerabilities to provide a clear picture of potential security concerns.



Insights &

Building on the insights gained in the analysis phase, we present clear and actionable recommendations. These recommendations are crafted to mitigate the identified risks and vulnerabilities. Synchroworks prioritizes practical, tailored solutions that align with your organization’s goals, objectives and budget.



Remediation &

The recommendations provided in the previous step serve as a roadmap for remediation. Synchroworks works collaboratively with your team to implement necessary fixes, closing security loopholes in your cloud environment. Our approach ensures that the remediation process is efficient and secure.

Why choose Synchroworks for your cloud audit and assessment?

Lower upfront and support costs

24/7 monitoring

Enhanced data security systems to keep your files protected against breaches

Phased approach for risk mitigation

Incident response and recovery

Enhanced flexibility and productivity for your team

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