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Synchroworks assists Search Engine People in streamlining their IT infrastructure and set-up in response to adapting to a dynamic, flexible work environment.

The Challenge

Search Engine People reached out to Synchroworks with inquiries about moving from physical phones to softphones as they shifted to a more hybrid working environment, and reducing their physical footprint at a traditional office space. During discussions, it became evident that the current IT infrastructure no longer matched the organization’s transition to a more flexible work environment. A comprehensive IT overhaul was required to enable smooth operations in their new workspace.

The Opportunities and Solutions

Infrastructure Optimization

  • Removal of Legacy Equipment:
    Synchroworks initiated the process with the removal of outdated racking and equipment, ensuring a clean slate for the new setup.

  • Enhanced Connectivity:
    Moving the fiber demarcation point ensured improved connectivity, laying the foundation for an optimized network configuration.

Internet Connectivity Enhancement

  • Cost-Effective Internet Solution:
    Synchroworks proposed the amalgamation of two internet connections into a single, higher-speed fiber internet service, offering substantially enhanced value for service.

Hardware Transition

  • Efficient Equipment Relocation:
    The relocation included dismantling existing racks containing the client’s networking/server equipment, followed by the installation of a new wall-mounted rack with enhanced security features.
  • Wireless Access Points Optimization:
    Repositioning of wireless access points was completed to ensure optimized coverage in the new workspace.network configuration.

Flexibility and Remote Work Enablement

  • Softphone Applications:
    In response to the growing demand for remote work, Synchroworks provided softphone applications, enabling the client’s employees to seamlessly work from various locations.
  • Thorough Testing:
    Rigorous testing of all network and internet access components ensured a smooth and reliable connection.from various locations.

The Result:

Synchroworks not only addressed the immediate challenges presented by Search Engine People’s downsizing but also strategically positioned the organization for a future where flexibility and adaptability are paramount.


  • Internet Connection Upgrade:
    Consolidation of two internet connections to a higher speed, fiber connection simplified the network, and improved uptime for voice services.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    A strategic reduction in equipment led to an estimated 50% decrease in power consumption, aligning with sustainability goals.

Efficiency and Minimal Downtime

  • Seamless Relocation:
    The implementation of Synchroworks’ solutions ensured a smooth office transition, minimizing downtime and guaranteeing uninterrupted business operations.

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