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Microsoft Endpoint Battlecard

Dec 1, 2020

Sophos Microsoft Endpoint Battlecard

Microsoft Vendor Profile

Microsoft has over 100,000 employees and provides a wide range of platforms for home users and businesses: Windows, Azure, Office 365, and more. It has increased its focus on security both within its existing platforms and with premium add-ons integrated into those platforms.

Microsoft Defender

Refers to a range of Microsoft endpoint protection features, such as anti-malware, EDR and exploit protection.

Sophos Equivalent


Microsoft Defender Antivirus

The antivirus engine included in all recent versions of Windows.

Sophos Equivalent

Central Endpoint Protection or Intercept X

Microsoft Defender ATP

Optional add-on that provides cross-platform AV, EDR, and security visibility/reporting.

Sophos Equivalent

Intercept X w/EDR


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