Synchroworks Consulting (Synchroworks) was selected as to provide infrastructure and application support for the Canada-Ukraine Surgical Aid Program (CUSAP), on their newest mission to Poland, providing surgical care to war casualties from Ukraine.

CUSAP has been created with the main goal to provide consultations and surgical reconstructions to patients with complex traumatic defects who would otherwise not receive treatment. Organized through a partnership between Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) Health Advisory Team and Sunnybrook Health Science Centre. Synchroworks has been brought on to support all the mission’s IT needs to ensure the doctors and nurses are able to perform their duties efficiently.

Canada-Ukraine Surgical Aid Program

Synchroworks has been asked to deploy secure infrastructure, which comprises of stable internet connectivity, physical and wireless networks, servers, and several healthcare tuned mobile devices to support the team and their mission.

In addition to infrastructure, Synchroworks built a custom electronic medical records management application (EMR) based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. The CUSAP EMR was designed to manage patient information, allow for virtual consultations worldwide effortlessly whilst maintaining the strictest levels of security. Any equipment required for the mission has been designed and configured to adapt to the rapid pace of a surgical environment and secure from potential cyber attacks.

Microsoft Dynamics is a complete portfolio of intelligent business applications that enables resource planning, customer relationship management and provides numerous configuration possibilities to suit many outcomes.

Synchroworks has configured the platform into a secure patient database allowing simultaneous data accesses by multiple doctors and nurses globally.

This secure application will reduce physical copies of patient information, reduce time consuming procedures around paperwork, provide real time updates, and instant support of data sharing for the purpose of consultations. In addition to efficient record management this application allows for accurate analytics, reports, and logs on both patient information and mission staff. With the ongoing war in Ukraine and the support of their Polish neighbours, this mission is critical to the lives of countless military personnel and civilians alike. The team at Synchroworks is proud to be a part of this mission and worked tirelessly to complete the customization of the custom application, coordinate the supply of all required equipment, and to create the secure infrastructure needed to support the mission.

The CUSAP mission is expected to run every two months with the support of Canadian doctors and nurses. Synchroworks will be joining them for the duration of the weeks they will be in Poland providing onsite technical and application support as needed. Synchroworks is honoured to be apart of the Canada-Ukraine Surgical Aid Program and their mission in Poland providing medical support to thousands of Ukrainian’s who have become casualties of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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