Case Studies

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Case Studies

Transforming the HERC's Brand and Tapping into a New Demographic

Herc’s Nutrition has been associated with bodybuilders and weightlifting champions since its establishment in 1996. While that brand image proved successful for the store in a time where health and fitness were not as commonplace as they are today, the store’s values have shifted to align more with current trends and demographics in the fitness world.

Case Studies

Efficient IT Vendor Management Leads to Over $300,000.00 of Recovery and Savings in First 6 Months

A member-owned financial co-operative that offers a wide range of financial products and services to their members approached Synchroworks to assist them with their IT infrastructure, vendor management, cybersecurity, and cloud migration strategies.

Osteria Gente Case Study

Italian Restaurant Harnesses Social Media to Boost Web Traffic and Increase Sales

Osteria Gente is a popular Italian restaurant located in Woodbridge, ON. Established in 2018, the family-owned and run restaurant has quickly garnered a reputation for its delicious food and community of dedicated customers. It is evident that the restaurant’s success and popularity come not only from the dishes it serves, but from the welcoming and authentic environment it creates for everyone who enters its doors.

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