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If you’re here, then you probably aren’t looking for another boring page of what features we offer. In reality, our Hosted VoIP and voice features are pretty much the same as what everyone else offers. You just need to know how we can help, and why we think we are a little bit better than the rest:


Let’s start with the easiest part, and the one everyone cares about the most: How much does it cost? We’ve made it easy. For $25 a month you’ll get a great colour phone and all the features. (By the way, we do list the important features below, so that you know exactly what you are getting.)


Free. Yup, free. We will come on-site and professionally install the phones for you at no cost. We will train you, and hold your hand through the entire installation process to make sure you know how to use the phones and the new system.

Simple or complicated?

We can give you a very straightforward, easy-to-use system, and we can customize it for any call flows, ring groups, after hours, working from home, “don’t bug me, I’m on the beach” set-up that you want.

We want to understand your business

Here is where we think we differ from the rest. We don’t just slap a phone system down and walk away. We work with you to understand what you are using today, what’s working and not working, and then do our best to provide you a solution that’s going to help you do business better. Our combined experience of over 25 years of providing voice solutions ensures that you are getting great advice and best practices, because we have pretty much seen it all. We even knew how to deal with a request for a left-handed phone (no joke!)

We know all the parts about what makes voice great

Some of the big guys know voice, and know it well. But they don’t know network or Internet. They’ll make suggestions, but they actually can’t sell you the other components that you need to make it great. That’s where we come in, as a full-service IT company, including Internet, we know how to provide the full solution to make it work well.

P.S. We provide SIP trunks too, if you still want to run an on-site PBX. Ask us how our SIP trunks can replace your PRI or analog lines at a fraction of the price!

The feature list, just in case you’re wondering:

Auto Attendants (multiple, if you need)

Call queues

Voicemail, with voicemail to emails

Custom Messages and Music on Hold

Ring Groups and Call Flows

Professional voice recordings for your Auto Attendants

Find me/Follow me

DIDs for each user, if desired

Call forwarding


3-way+ calling

Speed Dialing

Call display

Full Contact Centre solutions (addition costs may apply)

Microsoft Teams Integration (additional costs may apply)

Softphone Included


Simply put, we provide Internet services. Whether its dedicated fiber, DSL, Cable, Point to Point Wireless, LTE, we provide the best service and very competitive costs for your organization.

Why we are different

So many reasons! Our biggest advantage is that we bring you the best Internet option that is available to you at your location. You don’t need to call multiple providers to find out who has the best service and price, we do the legwork for you!

If you have more than one site, we can establish private connections between your locations without the costly overhead of hardware and software. Think MPLS, without the MPLS overhead costs. With us, you don’t need to deploy a pricey SD-WAN solution, as we can provide you with the secure connectivity that you need at a fraction of the cost.

We monitor your connection! Our NOC centre is constantly pinging your sites, to ensure that they are up. If we detect something is wrong, we start our trouble-shooting services immediately.

We can provide carrier diverse back-up solutions

If your reliance on the Internet is of the utmost importance (which it probably is), we can provide secondary connections for failover in the event of a failure. Think automatic LTE back-up from a different carrier, in the event the primary is down. And let’s face it, with our reliance on the Internet for pretty much every facet of our business, you can’t afford to be down for very long – or at all.

Speaking of your reliance on the Internet, we can provide private cross connections to all the major cloud services: Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce and more. Because our equipment is located where the big providers are (151 Front Street), we can provide those private cross connections without traversing the Internet. This means a more stable and reliable connection to your cloud services.

Centralized services for your business

If you do have multiple locations, you no longer need a firewall at each individual locations. Since we can implement a private network (MPLS) for all your locations, you only need one firewall solution at our data centre to head the ingress and egress of your Internet services.

Time to Learn More?

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