Sophos Endpoint Competitive Overview

by | Dec 1, 2019

Key competitors and products

Broadcom Symantec (Endpoint Security, SEP Cloud)

Key weaknesses

  • Disjointed management – still in the process of moving towards a fully featured cloud management console
  • Limited exploit prevention capabilities and no specific anti-ransomware technology
  • Ownership woes – Broadcom has a history of buying tech companies, drastically cutting costs, and selling to only the largest customers

Watch out for

Symantec has a broad feature set and is a leader in the 2019 Gartner Endpoint MQ




Trend Micro (Apex One, Worry-Free)

Key weaknesses

  • 4 Multiple products are required to benefit from all features
  • Separate components, consoles – plug-in-based architecture requires additional downloads, product activations, installs
    and disparate management consoles
  • Server protection (Deep Security) is an expensive uplift

Watch out for

Endpoint license suites include multiple products and are often aggressively priced


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