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Client receives complete office relocation and configuration with ZERO downtime.


Cholkan and Stepczuk LLP are chartered professional accountants operating in the GTA. In 2021, the client required assistance in their office relocation to ensure network security and avoid disruption. This request entailed complete infrastructure installation at the new office as well as a complete hardware move from one office to the other.

Our office IT relocation services helped simplify and streamline the entire moving process to eliminate downtime and quickly get the client’s IT infrastructure running. After a comprehensive review of the client’s existing hardware and set-up, our team recommended a total revamp of the dated infrastructure, old cables, lack of connection points, an old phone system and slow internet speed. Our main services included:

  • Proper planning to minimize downtime and unexpected technical issues.
  • Inventory, list and assess performance of existing equipment.
  • Transfer of hardware and equipment from old office to new office.
  • Upgrade dated infrastructure, cabling, and phone system.
  • Hardware connection, setup, and network testing at new site.


Due to a dated phone system, infrastructure and cabling, a lack of connection points, and slow internet, our team took the office relocation as an opportunity to upgrade and streamline the client’s technical operations. Our solutions included the following:

  1. Transfer of hardware and equipment
    Our team handled the entire office IT relocation, from start to finish. We disconnected equipment such as firewalls, network switches, computers, and other hardware. We planned the transfer based on the client’s timeline, strategically disconnected and reinstalled all infrastructure to minimize downtime and tested it to ensure everything was operating perfectly at the new location.
  2. New office configuration
    At the new office, our team managed the installation, connection, set-up and testing of all hardware and equipment within a two-week timeline. To avoid downtime during the office relocation, we set up VPN connectivity so staff could continue to work from home. At the new office, our team installed and tested the following equipment:


    • Installation of 21 x Cat 6 cable network connections for IT infrastructure and hardware
    • Installation of new switchesInstallation of Cat 6 patch panels
    • Installation of rack
    • Installation of UPS
    • Configuration of new network
    • Installation of equipment from existing office: firewall/router, printers, Wireless Access Points, TV
    • Installation of new VoIP phones
    • Installation of TV
    • Workstation setup with moving desks, dual monitors, keyboards, mice, docking stations and laptops
  3. Dedicated fiber internet service
    As an existing Internet Service Provider (ISP), we were able to provide an internet connection that boosted speed and performance.
  4. Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol  (VoIP) telephone service
    As a solution to the client’s dated phone system, we provided a new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to be delivered on a dedicated VLAN. Synchroworks provided the transition from the current phone provider, including reprogramming all phones. The following was included in our hosted VoIP service:


    • 7 extensions/users
    • 4 colour IP desk phones
    • 1 conference phone
    • Transfer of existing telephone number to Hosted service or new main telephone number
    • Direct telephone numbers for users if desired
    • Auto Attendant with time-of-day messages (office open/closed, holiday message)
    • Dial by name
    • Voicemail
    • Voicemail to email
    • Find Me/Follow Me (both desk phone and cell phone will ring for inbound calls)
    • Softphone for mobile and laptops
office relocation

Client receives complete office relocation and configuration with ZERO downtime.

By hiring Synchroworks, the client avoided costly business downtimes and any impact to their clients, reputation, or equipment. In just two weeks, the client was given a fully set-up and optimally functioning office, with added bonuses such as an internet speed increase to 100/100 and a VoIP system that allows them to better service their customers and scale their business.

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