Dedicated staffing solutions

Our trained IT professionals can fill roles your in-house staff can’t.

Today’s IT infrastructure and software applications often require unique, specialized and constantly evolving skillsets. This means internal IT teams can quickly become out of touch with the latest tech issues and solutions. By focusing our outsourced IT support on select industries and positions, we can provide your organization with the most skilled and qualified IT professionals.

Synchroworks’ outsourced IT support can clean up your IT tickets, support your entire infrastructure, and fix recurring IT issues.

Unsure if you are getting value from your existing IT staff?

We can provide more service, more coverage and more expertise for less than you would pay a full-time IT professional.

Outsourced IT support

How do you know if it’s time to turn to outsourced IT support?

  • Lack confidence in your current IT infrastructure and architecture
  • Not enough IT support and coverage in case of absences or emergencies
  • Issues take too long to resolve
  • Current IT staff is too small or too large
  • Skill of IT team is not adequate or current
  • Do not have proper tools
  • Lack of process or strategic long-term planning
  • Lack of budget for a full IT team

The Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Cost Effective

We know that companies need to balance their staffing needs with their financial obligations. That’s why we maximize the value you receive from our outsourced IT support. Don’t worry about breaking your budget – only get the IT staffing solutions you need based on current needs.


We are proud to offer reliable and personable professionals as a part of our dedicated in-house IT staffing solutions.

Results Driven

The real value of our outsourced IT support is the structure and security we give to your IT and business operations. Get quick and reliable resolutions to all technical incidents – whenever they occur – 24/7.

IT Staffing Solutions We Offer

What IT Staffing Solutions Do We Offer? 

As part of our outsourced IT support, we provide full-time staffing when your organization requires immediate resources. Staffing solutions that we offer include:

  • Fractional CIO or IT Director
  • Network expertise
  • Infrastructure Implementation and deployment
  • Support Analyst
  • Network Analyst
  • IT Administrator
  • Helpdesk Analyst
  • Security Expert

Explore Additional Services

Managed Services

Help Desk & IT Support

We help troubleshoot your problems using our enterprise ticketing system over email, by phone or on-site.

Managed Services

Internet Solutions

We offer high-quality service with an exceptionally fast connection speed for businesses.

Hosted Services

Hosted Solutions

We house and maintain your servers so you can enjoy peak-performance without costly upfront fees.

Hosted Services

Voice Solutions

Our voice solutions come with unified communications software that will help you communicate with ease.

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