Make your journey to the cloud a smooth one with Synchroworks’ Cloud Managed Services.

Our cloud managed services are designed to give you the flexibility to add tools as you need them to keep up with the growth and demands of your business. The benefits of cloud migration for small business are undeniable. With a low, upfront cost, and benefits such as increased efficiency, access, improved cash flow, and reduced risk during a crisis, it’s hard to imagine why any business -small or large- would not make the move to the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Migration for Small Business


Employees can view and share information easily and securely across a cloud-based platform. Some cloud services provide collaborative spaces to connect employees across your organization, making collaboration and productivity much easier.


Cloud services providers make it their priority to offer policies, technologies and security monitoring that exceeds conventional in-house systems. Cloud migration will ultimately help protect your data, applications, and infrastructure from possible threats.


The cloud offers businesses more flexibility, mobility, and bandwidth than traditional local servers. The improved freedom and flexibility that come with cloud services can make a significant difference to the efficiency of your business.


While the initial price tag that comes with cloud migration can be daunting, there are long-term savings associated with migrating to the cloud. Cloud computing eliminates the expense of purchasing hardware and software, paying for set-up, electricity, and the IT specialists that are needed for handling the infrastructure. Over time, these savings add up.


With cloud-based servers, your data remains protected and easily accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection. This eliminates the risk of losing data when local servers crash.


Cloud migration for small business can remove the risks associated with business growth. There’s a danger in growing your business too quickly and outpacing your infrastructure. Cloud managed services will not only keep pace with your growth but encourage it.

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