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Is your business still operating with an on-premises telephone solution and paying for traditional telephone lines?

Hosted voice solutions provide the best features of traditional phone systems and the flexibility and freedom that a hosted VoIP solution provides. A hosted VoIP solution is stored and maintained in the cloud, and provides increased mobility, flexibility, and reliability.

Synchroworks’ hosted voice solutions include Unified Communications software that will help you communicate and collaborate with ease. From simple telephone service to complex, multi-channel contact centre solutions, Synchroworks has a solution that will fit your budget and requirements.

About Our Voice Solutions:


Let’s start with the easiest part, and the one everyone cares about the most: How much does it cost? We’ve made it easy. For $25 a month you’ll get a great colour phone and all the features (listed above).


Free. Yup, free. We will come on-site and professionally install the phones for you at no cost. We will train you, and hold your hand through the entire installation process to make sure you know how to use the phones and the new system.

Simple or Complicated?

We can give you a very straightforward, easy-to-use system, and we can customize it for any call flows, ring groups, after hours, working from home, “don’t bug me, I’m on the beach” set-up that you want.

Is your workforce operating remotely?

The pandemic has brought to the forefront the necessity for mobility and flexibility. Working remotely is now permanent in our workplaces. Traditional phone systems do not have the features or functionality to easily connect remote works. With the proliferation of Microsoft Teams, users want a single application to handle all communications, internally and externally. Our voice partners have the ability to deliver calls to users wherever they work, either on their computer, their mobile phone, or a deskphone, and we can easily integrate all calls to work with Teams.

Features of Synchroworks’ Hosted Voice Solutions

Call Handling
Route incoming calls to any or all of the users’ devices eliminating the need to be tethered to a desk phone.
Call Controls
Users can manage their own call flow through a web log in. Eliminate support calls from users for simple changes to their requirements.
Open Platform
With our open API integration, our solutions can integrate with many popular software applications such as Salesforce for tracking, screen pops, look ups and more.
Call Centre Solutions
We have solutions from simple call centre requirements to omni-channel solutions for companies that want to communicate with their customers anywhere and anytime.
Global Coverage
Enterprises can leverage our global phone system capabilities in 40+ countries and local and toll-free numbers in over 100 countries.
Because hosted voice solutions are in the cloud, our services are much more reliable than an on-premises solution. Calls are easily rerouted in the event of power outages, network outages, hardware issues and more. 
Native Call Recording

The solution enables users to seamlessly record inbound and outbound calls from any device as needed

Our Partners

Benefits of Hosted Voice Solutions:

Improved Customer Communications

When customers can reach you via a single number, they can get faster responses and attention. That translates into better customer experience—and stronger customer relationships.

Better Collaboration with Colleagues

By giving employees the same communication tools off-site as they have in the office, hosted voice solutions allow them to stay connected and accessible. Collaboration and communication is no longer tied to a single designated office space.

Improved Productivity

The advanced features of hosted VoIP don’t just boost accessibility, but flexibility. Employees can be productive no matter where they are working, as long they have an internet connection. When inclement weather or an unexpected emergency shut down your office, your workforce can still leverage a full suite of voice communications tools.

Cost Savings

Traditional phone systems can be a costly investment. This is due to the set-up, installation, and maintenance fees for the required hardware equipment. Hosted voice solutions can significantly lower or even eliminate these costs entirely.

Advanced Features of Hosted Voice Solutions:

Hosted voice solutions unify different communication technologies and applications to deliver an entire host of customizable features for businesses, such as:

  • Personalized Call Routing
  • Voicemail Management and Transcription
  • High-Quality Video Conferencing
  • Built-in Chat
  • Customized Call Forwarding and Holding Music
  • Auto Attendants (multiple, if needed)
  • Call Queues
  • Voicemail, with Voicemail to Emails
  • Custom Messages and Music on Hold
  • Professional Voice Recordings for Auto Attendants
  • Ring Groups and Call Flows
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • DIDs For Each User (if desired)
  • Softphones
  • 3-Way+ Calling
  • Speed Dialling
  • Call Display
  • SIP Trunks for Running an On-site PBX
  • Full Contact Centre Solutions
    (additional costs may apply)
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
    (additional costs may apply)

Not sure what hosted voice solutions are right for your business?

Synchroworks will get to know your business so we can customize and implement the right solution for you and your employees. Contact us today to move your business into the future.

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