Digital marketing practices are constantly evolving!

It’s crucial for businesses to stay up-to-date with new trends, tools and techniques to upkeep the success of their online identity. Cater to the needs of your clients and consumers by leveraging your marketing channels to their full potential and implementing the latest trends!

Personalization is Key

Personalizing your digital marketing campaign is vital if you want to successfully reach your target audience and pitch products or services that align with their interests. For example, Salesforce State of the Connected Consumer report indicates that when specialists segment email marketing campaigns, their audience is more likely to share their data with the business if provided with personalized offers and discounts.
Personalized marketing is now an easier process with new innovative tools that allow marketers to collect data about individual users and tailor their content accordingly. Say goodbye to outdated or traditional marketing ploys like sending generic email blasts and get to know your audience better!

Digital Marketing

Show, Don’t Tell with Video Marketing

You can’t surf the Internet without coming across several advertisements that pitch goods and services. For many users, this isn’t a pleasant experience. However, if you push a digital marketing campaign that adds genuine value to your audience, then consumers are more likely to engage.Businesses are now including video creation in their digital marketing strategy to improve the customer journey and increase brand awareness on all digital channels. Some benefits of video marketing include:

  • Captures attention quickly
  • Engages audiences emotionally
  • Ability to share a lot of content in a short amount of time
  • Easy for audience to share on their individual platforms
  • Increased accessibility for cost-effective video creation
  • Data-Driven Marketing
    Online marketing is much more effective when you utilize analytics technology. In recent years, monitoring analytics has increased in popularity. Without analytics, brands will blindly strategize their digital marketing plan and miss out on better strategies for getting their message to resonate with their audience. Using analytics will help you feel more confident in your marketing strategy! This tool will determine trends that will allow you to develop campaigns that best engage with your audience. Deliver the ultimate results by monitoring analytics!
  • Social Influencer Marketing
    Getting an influencer to endorse your brand isn’t considered a new marketing trend. Social media marketers have been utilizing influencer platforms for several years to reach a wider audience. What’s newly popular among social influencers is to reach out to other users who aren’t major celebrities. Often, people are more likely to trust smaller influencers as they appear more authentic. Consumers are usually aware that major celebrities promoting a product or service are likely getting paid a large sum of money. With that said, your message won’t get across as effectively as it would with someone that has a smaller audience. Carefully select a social media influencer who corresponds with your audience and can help you reach users who may not be aware that your brand exists. Find people who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering!
  • Voice Searches and Digital Assistants
    Voice search is taking over! Almost half of all search queries are conducted through voice searches and digital assistants on smartphones and search engines. Make sure to optimize your website to target voice queries so that internet users can have a seamless browsing experience. Digital assistants typically read the most popular entry on the results page. When optimizing your platform, consider the following attributes:

    • Use natural language and questions
    • Forget keywords, focus on question-based searches
    • Develop content that quickly answers the query (ex. Create an FAQ page)
    • Answer questions in website / blog content
    • Use a conversational tone – Google Ads understands the context of a question more than individual words
  • Shop on Social Media
    If you own an e-commerce business, then make sure to include a feature that allows your shoppers to buy directly from the social media page. Recently, Facebook and Instagram have allowed shoppers to purchase directly from their platforms by taking this extra step, businesses are minimizing the number of steps shoppers have to take to reach checkout and decreasing the chances of them abandoning their carts. Allowing your customers to shop on social media will provide you with accurate insights into their shopping habits. It offers a platform that makes it easier for customers to express their concerns, needs and wants. This way, you can cater to their needs, participate in an on-going discussion and better understand your audience. Stay Updated! It’s our job as marketers to learn about industry trends and ensure we’re curating engaging content. As the digital media industry advances, pressure is placed on businesses to educate themselves in order to stay relevant online. With these tips, you can be confident that your online presence is flourishing and remains competitive in the digital landscape.