Lightning Fast Incident Response

Lightning Fast
Incident Response

Synchroworks’ managed threat response provides lightning-fast assistance, identifying and neutralizing active threats against your organization. Whether you’re dealing with an infection or unauthorized access attempting to breech your data, our team has seen and stopped it all.

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response Services:

Enhanced Security

With effective MTR, you can receive solutions that manage the entire threat lifecycle.

Enhanced Productivity

Immediate threat detection and 24/7 rapid response to threats mean your operational dwell time is reduced and productivity isn’t impacted.


Managed detection and response services proactively and consistently monitor for threats so they can be caught and stopped before an attack occurs.

Our Managed Threat Response Services Include:

24/7 Monitoring For Potential Threats and Incidents

Determine the Scope and Severity of Threats

Initiate Actions To Remotely Disrupt, Contain, and Neutralize Threats

Address the Root Cause of Recurring Incidents

We are a Proud Partner of Sophos

Synchroworks’ Managed Detection and Response Services are enabled by our partnership with Sophos. Sophos’ managed threat response (MTR) proactively hunts for and validates threats and incidents, determines the scope and severity of threats and initiates actions to remotely disrupt and neutralize threats. This means we can get you out of the danger zone faster.

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