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HERC’s Nutrition Canada

HERC's Nutrition Canada



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April 2020


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Transforming the HERC’s Brand and Tapping into a New Demographic


HERC’s Nutrition has been associated with bodybuilders and weightlifting champions since its establishment in 1996. While that brand image proved successful for the store in a time where health and fitness were not as commonplace as they are today, the store’s values have shifted to align more with current trends and demographics in the health and wellness industries.

HERC’S Nutrition is a nation-wide brand of independently owned vitamin and supplement stores, operating over 25 store locations across the country. With each store operating independently, it is extremely important to maintain one consistent brand image, culture and set values across the board. Now more than ever, it is critical for this brand’s image and values to match those of its competitors and align with those of one of its largest potential markets: women.


While HERC’s has been successful for decades among intense gym-goers and professional athletes, its online image was driving away its largest potential demographic: everyday men and women with busy careers, families, and a simple desire to increase their overall health and wellness. While the in-store experience at HERC’s retail locations was rapidly evolving into a sanctuary of health and wellness for everyday life, it was time to reach out to the consumers who had never stepped into a HERC’s store and who had no idea who the brand was and what it represented.


HERC’s Nutrition turned to Synchroworks to take over their brand and digital transformation, from conception to execution. Ultimately, we helped this national supplement store by:

1. Reinventing their brand image.

Our mission was to curate a brand personality, voice, and positioning that would expand the store’s audience by appealing to more women and consumers of varying fitness levels. Our approach involved pivoting the digital marketing strategy to incorporate the female perspective on health and wellness, promote quality products and foster partnerships with brands that have been proven popular among women.

HERC's Nutrition Canada

2. Boosting brand awareness and building authority through a holistic digital marketing strategy.

With a new brand image, we needed to adjust the online messaging to appeal to the new audience. We achieved this by showcasing the strong female leaders behind the HERC’s brand, writing relevant and informative blogs on health and fitness, and collaborating with female fitness micro-influencers. We helped HERC’s build visibility in organic search results by using a mix of link-building techniques and improving URLs to help pages rank higher for relevant keywords. We also leveraged social media to connect with a new target demographic who we determined had a high likelihood of being interested in the products and expertise that HERC’s could offer.

3. Building a user-friendly e-commerce platform to encourage online sales.

We designed a new website that features easy navigation, enticing imagery and valuable content, prioritizing mobile-friendly design to ensure the layout would adjust to varying screen sizes. We made navigation simple and effective by allowing consumers to search for products by desired objectives (weight loss, muscle building, health and wellness) and increased upsell ability by offering related items and in-store availability.


Product promotions and campaigns have seen the largest ROI from our digital marketing efforts. Our series of advertisements for PEScience, which featured a collaboration with a Canadian fitness micro-influencer, increased average monthly sales of the brand by 638% and social media followers by 10% in just 5 days (5-day campaign).

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HERC's Nutrition Canada
HERC's Nutrition Canada
HERC's Nutrition Canada
HERC's Nutrition Canada

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