Network Assessment

We identify limitations in your IT infrastructure, management and resource allocation.

It’s easy to overlook periodic network assessments when everything appears to be working well.

However, every business decision or action has a reaction, and a network assessment identifies the challenges and risks that may present themselves in your business. It’s important to understand that the current setup of your business’ network could be far more costly than required for the performance it provides.

Network Assessment 1

Our Areas of Focus Include:

Network Assessment 2

Underused or Overused Resources

Some departments in your organization may require more network resources than others. A proper network assessment allows us to target and identify the existing issues so that resources can be allocated accordingly.

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Bandwidth Bottlenecks

Bandwidth bottlenecks are caused by running programs that require more bandwidth, such as streaming videos online or downloading large files. All these processes can significantly slow down your network. A network assessment identifies and rectifies these bottlenecks, allowing for the implementation of a new network strategy. Depending on the needs of your business, this could mean adding more bandwidth or developing practical and consistent internet usage policies. 

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Potential Advantages and Pitfalls

When implementing new technology, we ensure that all possible outcomes are thought through, along with anything that needs to be considered before new technology is integrated to your existing network configuration. This allows for a strategic approach that consists of short, medium and long-term technology planning.

Network Assessment 5

Security Holes

Security holes are identified through the assessment of your network and should be addressed immediately. Taking proper security measures will prevent possible issues with your network and operations.

Our network assessment is a review of your organization’s IT infrastructure, management, security, processes and overall performance to identify opportunities for improvement. We offer a thorough and comprehensive view of the state of your IT, providing you with the basis that you need to make further strategic business decisions.

So, when should you consider undertaking a network assessment for your organization?

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When Should You Seek IT Services?

Network Assessment 7

On an annual basis

This may vary depending on the size and industry focus of your business, but a consistent and on-going assessment is highly recommended no matter the size or focus of your business.

Network Assessment 8

Before any large roll-out

Before taking any steps that are expected to change the nature of your organization’s network strategy. If your current technology infrastructure is outdated and nearing the end of its life.

Network Assessment 9

Any time you feel unsure

If you feel skeptical about the quality or security of your current network.

Next Steps

Once comprehensive data is gathered from the network assessment and it is determined that advancements must be made to your business IT infrastructure, we will begin planning the next phase of network integration.



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