Digital Marketing Assessment

We measure the effectiveness of your current digital presence.

How strong is your online presence?

A digital marketing analysis is the launching point for creating a brand and image that speaks directly to your target audience. It gives insight into the strength and effectiveness of your company’s current online presence. This includes everything from your corporate website to social media – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. This analysis allows us to plan and execute an effective and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will boost your online presence.

Digital Marketing Assessment 1

What Do We Assess?

Digital Marketing Assessment 2


We evaluate your web content to determine whether your word choice is working for or against you. This will arm you with amazing SEO intelligence and help you with your keyword optimization and content strategy.

Digital Marketing Assessment 3

Web Traffic

We assess the current level of traffic you are getting and how you are ranking on Google. We take a closer look at your rankings on Google over an extended period so that we can identify what worked for you and what didn’t.

Digital Marketing Assessment 4


We examine your direct and indirect competition to determine what strategies are working best for them and how you can get ahead.

Our main goal is to determine whether your current online presence is:

Digital Marketing Assessment 5

Building a loyal customer base

Digital Marketing Assessment 6

Engaging effectively with your customers

Digital Marketing Assessment 7

Generating quality content

Digital Marketing Assessment 8

Keeping you ahead of your competition

Digital Marketing Assessment 9

Adding value to your business



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