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AGM Online is your solution to stress-free virtual annual general meetings. Our full-service approach ensures that every meeting you host runs seamlessly, from initial set-up and notice distribution to live support and ballot voting.

What’s Included


Hosted Virtual Meetings

Our team works with you to host your annual meeting using advanced webinar technology with innovative presenter and audience participation controls.


Real-Time Virtual Voting

We assist you in setting up a virtual polling system to allow for attendees to vote securely on important matters. Polling results are presented in real-time.


Live Support and Moderation

Our team provides full administration and live support throughout the course of the virtual meeting. This includes attendee registration, audience moderation, voting administration and much more.

Virtual Meeting Features


Enterprise Webinar Technology

Exclusive HD Video and/or audio for thousands of virtual attendees.


Real-time Voting and Results

Attendees vote in real-time using our secure online platform.


Live Meeting Moderation

Full administration, support and moderation are provided throughout the meeting.


Audience Participation

Audience participation controls allow for virtual hand-raising, chatbox Q&A, and live polling.


Advanced Presenter Controls

Allow one or more speakers to present from their own computers.



We offer recordings and a full report/summary of the virtual meeting.


Attendee Registration

Attendees are verified prior to entry into all virtual meetings.


RSVP to Meetings

Attendees can RSVP online so you have a good idea of how many people will be in attendance prior to the event.

Full Service Support

No Self-service Required

Our full-service approach means that you let us focus on the hard parts so you can focus on the important parts.

No Hidden Fees

Our flat fee includes our full suite of services. No additional charges.

Premium Support

Call us, email us! Our team is readily available to help answer your questions and ensure your virtual meetings are always successful.

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